May 26, 2012

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UEFA Euro 2012 Review

UEFA Euro 2012 Review

Don’t get your hopes up. With Wayne Rooney suspended for the first two games, Roy Hodgson only having a few weeks to prepare his team and no settled line-up in place, England may well be dire once again in the forthcoming Euro 2012 tournament.

But at least you’ll get the chance to rewrite history via EA Sports‘ downloadable content for FIFA 12. It’s not a standalone game, so you’ll need a copy of the original to play it. However, respect to EA Sports for not releasing a boxed version and instead making it available via the internet and at a nice suitable price.

The main crux of the game is in recreating the tournament for you to play, either on your own or via local multiplayer, or online against opponents, while representing your nation. However, there are also the customary Story of the Finals scenarios to try out as well as a new Expedition Mode that gives you the opportunity to conquer europe with your custom-made team. Pity, there’s no Captain Your Country mode.

There aren’t any changes to the core gameplay, so it runs using the FIFA 12 engine, but then the price¬†point is set at ¬£15 to reflect this. We think EA deserve credit for taking this route and not shamelessly launching another sports game.

Our minor grumbles pertain to the stats that have been dished out to the teams so far. England are way too good currently, while joint favourites Germany don’t seem to have an attack that fits their faultless qualification.

We’ve been told that a patch closer to the tournament will update this, as well as the starting line-ups and squads, so that the game ties in nicely with the actual tournament. Whether the English FA‘s recent update of the coaching staff proves to be successful remains to be seen…

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