Oct 29, 2012

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Top 4 Best Indie Survival Games

Top 4 Best Indie Survival Games

Not enough turmoil in your daily forage for food and water? We offer you these four indie survival games as a makeshift remedy.

Be sure to check out their Steam Greenlight pages – or else, whether you see these games released at all will he left up to natural selection!

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4. Don’t Starve

Ktei Entertainment is continuing its exploration of awesome 2D art styles with Don’t Starve: an isometric survival sim. As a Gentleman Scientist – naturally -players explore a strange wilderness and utilise that environment to prevent themselves from… well, the title says it all.

Those familiar with the early stages of Minecraft will get the gist: cutting down trees, crafting tools and items and fleeing from scary monsters as night falls. Map randomisation and some systemic elements (trees have life cycles, which can be cut short if they catch on fire) should provide fresh experiences with each attempt to prevent one’s stomach from consuming itself. We’ve also seen glimpses of strange monster villages that players can encounter, as well as the ability to plot out and tend to farms for easy sources of sustenance.

Being an awesome feelgood indie studio, Klei is following the Minecraft development model and has released an early-access beta, which is available on the game’s homepage now, Check it out, try not to die, and let the devs know how filling your gut in a mysterious forest could be made better, before its release on Steam!

3. NEO Scavenger

Neo Scavenger seeks to combine the best of of existing  PC survival gameplay with the depth and intricacy of a pen- and-paper role-playing To that end, developer Slue Bottle cites essentially every similar PC classic we can think of.

This is a game with the post-apocalyptic setting and turn-based movement and combat of the original Fallout RPGs. It has a significant focus on grid-based inventory management like STALKER, with items having different weight values as well as suffering wear and tear over time. Like DayZ you’ll need to manage your hunger, thirst and body temperature while venturing on long and lonely cross-country treks. And, like Minecraft, you’ll be scavenging and crafting items on a randomly-generated map.

In true survival styie, characters suffer perma-death, giving NEO Scavenger a roguetike quality. Branching, text-based choices also result in new inventory items and character attributes. This looks set to be an incredibly deep, intricate survival sim, with systems stacked upon systems – just what the hardcore PC gamer ordered (with their clean drinking water and food scraps).

2. Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves

Sick of tower defence games? Doesn’t matter – Sang-Froid has enough of a twist that its tower defence building placement in its first phase gives way to a thrilling fight for survival in its second. Enter Liam Neeson

Okay, it’s the mid-1900s, and you’re a lumberjack who must defend his homestead from waves of wolves, werewolves and other unspeakable wolf-like creatures of myth. The first phase takes place from a top-down perspective, and shows a complete view of the homestead, the enemies that will attack, and where they’ll come from. Players then spend a limited pool of action points to place various traps and buildings to assist their defence when night falls.

The traps are super important here, because these wolves don’t follow the patterns of typical tower defence AI. If they hear or smell you, they’ll divert from their path and attack on sight. Plus, they’re far, far stronger than you, so tactical use of traps and positioning during the second phase is vital to survival. This action takes place from a third-person perspective, giving you the chance to shoot and swing axes at all manner of night terrors.

Check out Sang-Froid, and give it a vote on Steam Greenlight – this is one twist on survival that we’d love to see make it through the popularity contest!

1. Day One: Garry’s Incident

If you thought Far Cry 2 could have done with stronger survival elements, then Day One: Garry’s Incident – if you’ll ignore the ridiculous title –  could be for you. This open-world first-person shooter finds the titular Garry crash-landed in an ancient Amazonian wilderness, Hugo III style.

Garry won’t just need to scavenge for his own food and water – he’ll need to craft his own weapons and ammunition, too. But that’s not all the tools he has to survive. An ancient civilisation still thrives in the jungle, and Garry can adapt the strange powers they wield to his own purposes. Of course, that upsets the crazy tribe something terrible, so he’ll need to flee from them, too. These magical powers can also be used on the destructible environment to forge new paths across obstacles or through traps.

Curiously, developer Wild Games Studio is releasing the adventure in two-hour episodic instalments. With the first episode already complete, feedback will be taken into account for the second episode, which hopes to include co-op support and plenty of new items and weapons to craft. Right now, however, you can help Garry by visiting the site and voting for Day One on its Steam Greenlight page!

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