Dec 17, 2012

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The Importance Of Rest In Workout

The Importance Of Rest In Workout

The rest you take between sets and exercises determines whether or not you’re able to complete the next section of your workout. As a rule, sets with few reps will require the most rest.This is because they train the nervous system and fast-twitch muscle fibres, which fatigue easily and take longer to recover. You may need to rest for up to five minutes when you perform low reps of an explosive move with heavy weights. As you increase the number of reps you train more slow-twitch muscle fibres, which are harder to fatigue.

Vary your rests

Different exercises also require different rest times. Big compound moves such as squats than single joint isolation moves, which may only require 30 seconds rest between exercises. If you are new to weight training you may need to take longer rests than more experienced lifters, who have a higher tolerance to the lactate produced during lifts. How much you weight can also affect your rest times, with heavier lifters needing longer to recover between sets.


Essentially, your rest periods are effective when you can reach positive failure on the last rep of the set. This means that you are unable to lift the weight , with perfect form but are able to lower it under control. If you don’t reach that point by the end of your set, make sure that you are sticking to your rest periods.

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