May 20, 2012

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PS4 Revealed, Orbis!

PS4 Revealed, Orbis!

Sources point to it being codenamed: Orbis; out before Christmas 2013.

It begins. Sources have leaked to the gaming press that PS4 is in development, and that top publishing houses have already been briefed on the system.

Rumours suggest the machine is called ‘Orbis‘, although it’s unclear whether this is just a codename. Intriguingly, the site points out that the web address leads to an active (placeholder) page, much the same as vita. Replacing ‘Vita’ with its codename NGP also leads to an official page, lending a small amount of credibility to the rumour.

Shocking as it may be, the name isn’t anywhere near the most surprising news to come from the source, who was speaking to Kotaku. As well as allegedly having no backwards compatibility with PS3 games, Orbis is also rumoured to feature a system to prevent preowned games from running correctly.

Every game (Blu-ray or digital: the source also suggests every Orbis game will be available as a digital download) played on Orbis will be linked to a single PSN account. Attempting to play this same disc elsewhere could result in the content being locked into something akin to a ‘trial’ mode until a fee is stumped up to unlock the whole shebang. Obviously, digital downloads would easily be locked to a single PSN account anyway.

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