Nov 30, 2015

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Control your Blood Pressure with an Application

Control your Blood Pressure with an Application

According to the British Heart Foundation, heart disease is still the biggest cause of death in the UK, with up to 5 million people in Britain suffering undiagnosed from high blood pressure.

Monitoring blood pressure is not just something done at your CP surgery either these days. Bloodnote is a simple app designed to make measurements easily recordable and accessible, offering a straightforward interface that enables users to input their dally systolic, diastolic and beats-per-minute readings.

The resulting data is displayed via the pleasing, minimalist circular readout, which can be locked or adjusted via the touch-and-drag mechanism. Meanwhile, a calendar provides easy access to your blood pressure history, Bloodnote’s maker says it does away with the need for manual recording, but without an export function there’s no way to back up data.

Future versions of the app will include reminders and data charts, and the developer is also looking to make Bloodnote compatible with electronic blood pressure monitors.

Bloodnote is well worth keeping an eye on, but a little limited at the moment.

  • iPhone | iOS 5.0 | $1.99 | v1.1
Some tips:
  • The calendar is effective but only up to a weeks of scrolling.
  • Users can isolate one of the readings against previous dates.

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