Oct 13, 2012

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7 Interesting Facts About GTA V

7 Interesting Facts About GTA V
Developer Rockstar North
Publisher Rockstar Games
Distributor Take-Two Interactive
Writer Dan Houser
Release date Not Official


What the GTA V screenshots tell us about the game, the engine, and the infinite possibilities from Rockstar to explore.

1. Tennis For Two

Will we be able to play tennis? Looks like it. Playing a few rallies might not speak highly of Rockstar‘s dedication to injecting some more fun into the series, but we’re sure it’ll be one of many distractions, each and every one powered by the amazing Euphoria physics engine. Just think of it as your entry into the life of a carefree sociopath (they all play tennis), and imagine bludgeoning your opponent to death.

2. Multiple Personalities

Maybe we’re jacking the wrong car here, but we’re convinced that GTA is going to have multiple playable characters. These shots seem to feature different protagonists: maybe some are multiplayer shots, but we doubt all are. With GTA IV eventually having three interconnected stories, and- SPOILER Red Dead Redemption having two playable characters, we’d be surprised if GTA didn’t continue in this vein.

3. Beyond The Jump

Look! The CrazyTM! It’s Back! Critics of GTA IV often focus on the lack of ridiculous activities to get up to: The Ballad Of Gay Tony addressed this, and fifth title of the series looks to carry on the trend. This parachuting shot should be the start of all sorts of nonsense (although we doubt we’ll see the jetpack return). As long as we get parachutes every time we enter and exit an airborne vehicle we’ll be happy.

4. Mechanically Sound

GTA has always excelled at car chases: a result of excellent AI, great worlds and fun escape/evasion mechanics. Expect GTA V to go even further. Early rumours suggested that there would now be more ways to shake the cops – such as listening to the radio to get roadblock alerts – and more ways for them to stop you. These may not come to pass, but just look how low that chopper is in the above picture.

5. Jump Jet Around

Finally, fixed wing aircraft are back. And not just one type: there are bi planes, Lear Jets and, of course, the fighter jet that we missed so much in GTA IV. Being able to tear around at hundreds of miles an hour brings with it an interesting challenge for Rockstar and its engine: San Andreas had savage pop-in problems, and we’re not keen to see the same repeated here.

6. World In Motion

Rockstar proved that it could create stunning urban environments with GTA IV, but it was only when Red Dead Redemption came out that we started to get excited about GTA V. Showcasing how RAGE could power the sprawling countryside : environments that are integral to San Andreas, expect GTA V to marry these strengths perfectly. Rockstar has called GTA V biggest game ever…

7. Bike To The Future

As interesting as Liberty City was, there wasn’t much variety in the geography. It was pretty flat, much like Vice City. GTA V will obviously be much more like San Andreas. Expect Mount Chiliad (or an equivalent) to return, and for the whole topography of the map to range from low flats to huge mountain ranges, again recalling Red Dead Redemption.

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