Mar 16, 2014

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26 Facts About Human Body That Everyone Should Know

26 Facts About Human Body That Everyone Should Know

As you already know, human body evolved from a single cell to the complex machine able to do rational tasks that it is today.

Dozens of organs, hundreds of bones and muscles, and trillions of cells, your body is the most complex machine on Earth. 

Here are 26 facts that will entertain your mind and drastically improve your general knowledge!

1. The average head sheds up to 100 hairs a day.

2. An ear bone called the stapes is the smallest in the body. It measures 0.1 inch long.

3. The brain makes up only 2% of the body’s weight, but it receives 15 to 20% of the blood supply.

4. Our sense of smell can detect more than 10,000 scents.

5. The microbes on our skin and in our tissues outnumber the human body’s cells by 10 to 1.


6. A woman’s ovaries contain one to two million eggs at birth, but only about 400 eggs ever mature. In comparison, a typical male ejaculation contains 300 to 400 million sperm cells.

7. How long it takes a typical blood cell to circulate through the entire body? 20 seconds!

8. Water makes up about 60% of a man’s body’s weight, but it is unequally distributed.

9. About 40% of all the atoms in the human body, such as oxygen and carbon, originated in supernova explosions. The remaining 60% are hydrogen atoms formed during the big bang.

10. A toenail takes 12 to 18 months to completely grow out.


11. The eye’s retina contains about 127 million photoreceptors.

12. Salivary glands produce one to two quarts of saliva per day.

13. Somewhere between 2,000 and 8,000 taste buds cover your tongue.

14. If the entire interior surface of your lungs were unfolded and flattened out, it would cover an area of 96 square yards – about a third of a tennis court.

15. There are 54 bones, a quarter of the body’s total, in your hands and wrists.


16. Bones are your body’s blood factories. Every second, between two and three million new red blood cells roll of the bone marrow’s assembly line.

17. In the fastest neurons, impulses jump from one cell to the next at a speed of more than 200 miles per hour – faster than most high-speed trains.

18. Men’s lungs typically take in 10 to 20% more oxygen than women’s.

19. About 8% of men are color-blind; fewer than 1% of women are.

20. The average pregnancy lasts nine months, but babies born after just 22 weeks may survive, though usually with significant health problems.

21. The brain develops quickly. By the 10th week250,000 neurons are being created every minute.

22. The eyes are complete by week 24.

23. Sex organs are discernable by week 12.

24. Women naturally carry more body fat than men – optimally, 20 to 21% versus men’s 13 to 17%.

25. On average, women live five years longer than men.

26. 2,500,000,000 is how many times your heart will beat by the time you reach 70 years old.

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