Dec 11, 2012

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10 Games To Play In 2013

10 Games To Play In 2013

There are some good games that will come out in 2013, still, not everyone likes the same games.

We’ve all seen top 10 of the most anticipated games for 2013 all over the internet, but my opinion is that the most expected games aren’t always the best.

We are going to recommend you some video games titles that you really should consider playing next year!


Details on Battlefield 3’s latest downloadable expansion pack have erupted, and the primary themed change it brings is earthquake-based gameplay. If you thought the massive earthquake and collapsing buildings at the start of the singleplayer campaign seemed a little out of place, well, it’s probably because DICE was saving more of it for this: four new Tehran-set maps designed around post-earthquake environments.

Throughout the match, players may experience aftershocks of the earthquake that will rumble and shake their vision, making it harder to aim down the sights and hit targets at range – especially if you’re using the new crossbow weapon. This goes hand-in-hand with the expansion pack’s new Scavenger mode: each player begins the match with only their pistol and a soldier specialisation, and must explore the map to pick up more powerful weapons that still have limited ammo. If you like your firefights up close, desperate and unstable, Aftermath should mean you’ll be in for a treat.


How did Sam Fisher go from blowing the offices of Third Echelon and beating up the Vice President in Conviction, to being the President’s BFF in Blacklist? Ubisoft Toronto has announced that gap will be bridged by a tie in comic called Splinter Cell: Echoes. Its writer, Nathan Edmondson, says there’s a lot of ground to cover, and the team has managed to capture Fisher’s signature stealth elements – namely his panther-like movement – in comic form. Plus, there’ll be backstory aplenty.


In a surprise, though possibly heartening, move, 4A Games has announced that Metro: Last Light will not ship with a multiplayer mode. The developer claims this comes in response to the game’s showing at E3, citing the singleplayer campaign as being what fans care about the most. We’d say they’ve made a  good decision; Metro 2033 still provided an appropriately bleak experience without the need to shoot other actual human beings.


Maxis has showcased some of the disasters that will be descending upon your unwitting idyllic villages and polluted urban sprawls in its upcoming online iteration of SimCity. The signature UFO will make its return, but will randomly wander the city abducting Sims. The Meteor Shower began as a single meteor impact, but Maxis increased the effect to a storm of molten rocks, most of which burn up before impact. More terrestrial distasters like earthquakes and tornadoes will also feature.


Ever wonder what that little Downloadable Content tab In Dishonored’s main menu was for?

Well, Bethesda has given us an answer by announcing three DLC packs for Dishonored over the course of the next few months. The first, Dunwall City Trials, includes timed supernatural races, drop-assassination challenges and waves of combat against harder waves of Al. The next two packs, to be released early next year, will be story-based and explore some of the mystery behind Daud, Dunwall’s other supernatural assassin. Spooky.


Abe’s Oddysee’s HD remake has received its final title – New N’ Tasty, named after the very product Abe’s employers want to sell his ground flesh as. So the escape from RuptureFarms begins again, but this time in sidescrolling 3D. Oddworld Inhabitants founder Lome Lanning describes the remake as taking a “retro neo approach” – most of the puzzles will be the same, but seamless screen scrolling means no more screen transition wipes. Oh, and there’s quicksave.


The next downloadable expansion pack to Mass Effect 3 has been ousted, and BioWare claims it’ll be the biggest one yet. Like Leviathan, it’ll be set before the assault on The Illusive Man’s base, and concern Shepard’s attempt to acquire more War Assets by helping Aria T’loak retake Omega, the asteroid hive of scum and villainy that featured heavily in the second game. Aria will even feature as a controllable squad mate!


The Creative Assembly has clarified that Total War: Rome II will not use always-online DRM, but will be integrated with Steamworks, as was the case with Shogun 2. The developer has also inadvertently let slip the game’s global release date of October 2013, due to the signing of a deal with Pan Macmillan to collaborate with The Creative Assembly in the development of four books based within the Rome II storyline. This’ll be one for the history nerds!


StarCraft II’s first Zerg-tastic expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, is adding an XP-based levelling system to its multiplayer mode! Building and destroying individual units will earn players experience points for the race they are currently playing. Accumulating XP will unlock new multiplayer portraits and decals, moving the system away from vanilla StarCraft Il’s singleplayer achievements. Makes sense to us.


CD Projekt has revealed more details on the nature of the sandbox world it is creating for Cyberpunk 2077, its new RPG based upon the pen-and-paper Cyberpunk 2020 property. The game will be set in what the developer claims will be a full open world, with the ability to leave the main plot threats where they are and go off and explore its vision of the future.

The developer also claims this freedom won’t be at the expense of the morally ambiguous choices that defined The Witcher series. Delicious.

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